The Mustangs

The Mustangs came in to record at Rednote on 22 August.  This was a fast moving session as the boys wanted to play the two songs live to the desk with a few overdubs.  Amps faced away from the kit, the stereo overheads came in low and the snare was damped.  This meant more work in the mixdown to bring it punching through but helped get across the all important tight live vibe with only “friendly” spill.  The only tricky instrument was blues harp (i.e. played through an amp).  This required a figure of 8 condenser placed to pick up a little slapback, and noise reduction in the mix.  This instrument didn’t take a solo but riffed in the background throughout.

Unusually, the guide vocal was done in the live room.  A judiciously placed lump of Auralex meant there was no trace of it on the multitrack at the end so we were able to move onto overdubs of guitar and double-tracked vocals.

By 3 pm everything was down and the band took the day’s work away to mix.  I got home in time for Antiques Roadshow.  You can’t beat live and loud.


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