Guitar in a reasonably priced car

Sometimes you need somewhere to record that is a quiet, unreverberant space.  Vocal booth? Closet full of towels?  Coffin?  How about the car?  All cars are naturally soundproofed to a degree soaking most mid and high frequency sound up before it reaches the outside.  Bass still gets through of course but that’s not a concern as you can’t get either a drum kit or a male voice choir in the average car.  Park up as close to the house as you can get and run an extension lead in through the boot or door from the wall socket inside (advisable not to try those 9v to three pin plug adaptors as they drain the battery, unless you keep the engine running, not very green and makes more unwanted noise.  Set up as comfortably as you can and rock out in the back seat.  Vocals (and speech) benefit very much  from the dryness, as long as you don’t mind people seeing you sing in a stationary car, in which case stick paper on the windows to save your modesty.  And loud guitars through a small to medium amp, well see for yourself…


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