Boom Dada Boom

Dara O’Brien fills in time between Mocking The Weeks

Drum tracking with the Bitter Springs.  Paul goes off centre in our very own stone room.  He’s got two Ribbons in Blumlein (not to be confused with Pigeons in Flight) behind and above, LDC in front of the kick, spots on the toms and snare and an omni room mic picking up reflections.  Bass is DI’d but still coming out the amp so it is exiled to a side room under some blankets.  Electric guitar goes direct too and a vocal mic well away from the kit with lots of compression on the guide so it can be murmured rather than bellowed.  We have a lively space and straight away the toms and kick are booming too much.  Answer – stuff the kick to tame it (further out placement of the front mic helps keeps some shell sound) and tea towels on the toms!  Yeah the old Abbey Road trick to keep the attack but damp down the ringing.

How’d it go?  Good; the sound largely came from the overheads picking up the nice room in their 360 pattern.  We will probably fatten up with a sub kick at mix down and resampled toms with a bit of transient design to get punch and space. Possibly some sidechaining as that reverb is nice but quite rich.  Fire up Altiverb?  You’re ‘avin a giraffe!   Two other drummers are involved in this project so a good variety of riddims should result.

I should be keeping an eye on this, where have I skived off to?


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