Rufus Street

After a long period spent working on a non-veridic album (look it up), it was nice to do a session where everything was cut live bar the vocals.  Rufus Street play a brand of funky blues-rock, boasting a great powerful lead vocalist in Lesley Clarke.  The guys were wanting something crisp but live-sounding for getting gigs.  Their rehearsal space in Bookham proved suitable for recording being a rectangular room with a reasonably high ceiling, fabric lined walls and carpet floor.  The various bits of furniture in the room came in handy for diffusion and also for me to spread out on!

The drums gave me an opportunity to test out the Beyerdynamic M160, the world’s only unidirectional ribbon mic and the one used on many Led Zep sessions.  In recorderman formation they certainly captured the low end thump of the tuned toms which were played by drummer David quite consistently on the five songs.

They also excluded much of the room which was handy as there was a bit of noise leaking from the gym hall next door.  I also threw up a room mic to capture yet more tom sound and closeies on kick and snare.  The bass was DI with a little compression as were the vintage Korg organ and electric piano.  The guitar was split and taken both direct and from the amp for flexibility in the mix.

As the room is used by the youth club for recording anyway there was gloriana! a vocal booth.  Lesley went in there with an SM58 to belt it out more or less isolated from the rest of the band.  The vocal were redone at my home studio later, though the originals still sounded pretty awesome to me.  One take was indeed mixed in for flavour despite the bleed.

The group elected to do two takes of everything  which meant decisions at mix time, but best make use of the time while you it have I reckon.  What does it sound like?  Give us a chance it only just gone out for CD or mp3.


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