Poppy Pop

Songs for 11/11, nuff said.

Eric Bogle – Green Fields Of France (AKA No Man’s Land)

Someone once told me that this had become an unofficial white power anthem, wonder what Scot Aussie Eric Bogle would make of that unwelcome development.  This is his trad version, still very moving and very much for all humanity, so Nazi punks f**k off.

B-Movie – Remembrance Day

Goth-lites from Northampton, with some, but not all of the doom taken out.  This reached #61 in the UK and was also given away with an issue of Flexipop.  What Joy Division may have sounded like if they had ever met a tune while on active service.

Good Books – Passchendaele

While its nice to hear an indie group singing about a topic like this, the lyrics are decidedly sixth form, the singer a fey milquetoast (ha ha) and the video incomprehensible.

Skids – And The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda

Another Eric B special, recasting Waltzing Mathilda as a lament for Gallipoli.  This track was one of the very few highlights of the miserable last Skids album.  OK its not Into The Valley, I’ll give you that.

Chumbawamba – Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire

Before there was Tubthumping and dousing John Prescott, there was English Rebel Songs, the leftie troublemakers’ mini-album of non-approved corporate anthems.  This is a vintage cynical marching song dating from about 1917,  after the khaki masses realised that those with the money and status give the orders and those without are minced up for sausages, although I thought plenty of officers were killed in WW1 too.   Replace the military ranks with characters from Downton Abbey for extra hilarity when singing along.


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