How long is this gonna take?

Searching question about the time it takes to lay down an album even in this age of digital wonder, addressed here by producer engineer Justin Colletti.  Good encapsulation of the 3 main workflow options musicians face when embarking on their opus, and the author has a justified obsession with pre-production.  This is the process by which an artist decides finally what is going down in the studio and how before an XLR plug has clicked home.  If you want to record quickly, you must know what you are going to record and keep eyes on the prize.  Do the planning/mind changing/arguing/rewriting on free time, then head to the studio.  If you are stacking overdub bricks the story is the same.  Finish your material then record not the other way round.  Expect the time difference to be akin to that between building a house and inflating a bouncy castle.

Note also the song a day approach he advocates which strikes a balance between discipline and creativity.  A good enough idea that I might start suggesting it to my clients.  Years ago, a studio manager where my eager young self was recording with my band sagely told me when planning a recording session you should double the budget and halve the number of songs.  If either number is then less than one you’re not ready.


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