Franklin: Goin’ up the city

In the city summer’s here and the time is right for recording the wonderful Franklin (website) in Ben’s amazing three floor Peckham pad.  It may be 27C outside but in here its cool and relaxed.  There’s more than enough room to spread out and the giant wood-floored space is just the ticket for what we have in mind.  With a grand total of five mics run into the desk we are ready to roll, the three musketeers in a rough L-shape on the only rug to hand.


There’s no need to worry about comb filtering, the space is huge, there’s no bass player and no headphones, we are doing this Cowboy Junkies style.  Five songs went down live without overdubs in a country-folk style and then beer and sarnies were imbibed.  I have just finished the first passel of mixes and I can always recommend this method; maximum refreshment, minimum effort.


If you or your band need something similar, you know where I am.


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