Yet more drum tracking

Tracking for Phil’s third album – a full day of banging.  Freak Machine in Whitton was the venue, painted green for film work, luckily this had a calming effect on all concerned, or did it?  There was quite a lot of the dreaded click, but this time provided via Logic as I was not engineer on this session merely “producer”.  So after choosing mics and checking levels at the desk my job consisted mainly of eating crisps, shouting “once more with feeling!!” through the glass and shooting a gun into the ceiling.*  11 songs were the result including Phil’s disco extravaganza – result!  Except we now have to do all the remaining dubs so we will be busy for some time to come.  I took a couple of crappy fotos on my phone but you get the idea, stereo and room options plus close mics as required.

Freak Drums 1

*Our lawyers have advised that this is deniable.


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