The Greater Game: Part 2

Onto recording dialogue for our radio play.  The studio we are using has a good size damped rehearsal room and this is where we decided to set up.  Less pleasingly, it is next door to a curry house with a large extractor fan and on a busy roundabout (though traffice had declined by the time we were rolling in the evening).  In these situations it’s all about maximising signal to noise.  We started in this position;


The fan is outside on the right and the motorway is beyond the back wall.  The right mic was getting a bit of ambient noise although the other was relatively quiet.  So we moved to this configuration;


This largely eliminated noise as the nulls are now presenting their ‘deaf’ side to the sources.  Keeping the talent close to the mics helped build up proximity which means the recording level could be kept down and noise was further filtered by me in post-prod.  The dialogue tracks are 90:10 signal to noise which means ambient noise will be almost entirely masked by the soundscapes we are planning to build around them.  The only remaining problems were mopeds with silencers removed (angry wasps) and actors moving off-axis (usually to read scripts).  To be on the safe sides 3 takes were laid down of each scene to give options at mixdown.  Next up, Foley.


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