The Greater Game: Part 4

Mix and master time!  The mix was quite involved as sounds had to be layered in order thusly:

Dialogue – edited to timeline removing fluffs, adjusting pauses, cutting breaths, coughs, cardiac arrests etc.

Bed sounds – the ambience of each scene whether indoors or outside or a combination of both.

Foley/acute sounds – sounds of war, sport, various other activities.  These often have to align with the dialogue.

Everything else – credits, impromptu songs.

Panning decisions, reverb decisions, compression, soundstaging all done on the segmented play.

Once this sonic quilt had been stitched, each individual scene had to be cross-faded so as to provided an uninterrupted soundscape.  The 39 minute master was initially parallel compressed but the decision was made that as this had been done with some elements already and that it rendered the background noises too intrusive, it was dropped.  Instead the whole play was merely gently eq’d and gain adjusted to achieve the desired result.  Some people think it’s all over, it will be on 25 September, or rather just beginning.


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