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The Greater Game: Part 3

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Some Foley was required for our play:


As you can see, not all work no play, some of the props were drinkable.  There were also football kicks, footsteps and suchlike – I used the Tascam DR-40 for this, there are many portable digital recorders available out there but I found this had the best feature set for me, up to four tracks record and overdub and the internal condenser mics are excellent, really crisp and clear.  For the outside work I used a possum sock over the mics to cut wind noise, though best option is to watch the forecast and try to get recordings in between summer gales.  Sounds duly ‘flown in’ this now leaves the final mix and edit – more on that later.


The Greater Game: Part 1

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I’m working on a radio play set during the Great War called the Greater Game.  Written by author Ed Harris, it tells the story of young footballers who fought at Loos in France in 1915.  This a battle largely forgotten today but it saw poison gas used for the first time and nearly resulted in a breakthrough for the British on the western front.  Many young lads were killed in the offensive and the play brings that episode to life.  Here’s some of the cast at read-through.


The production is divided into four parts; dialogue/foley/soundscapes/edit.  We are concentrating on the spoken word first and when complete a rough cut will be assembled, ready for the remaining sounds to be layered in.  Next up are studio sessions which I’ll cover in part two.